I LOVE a good deal !! During the summer you can find me shopping at garage sales and in the winter I can be found at Goodwill or thrift shops.

This summer I found a lot of good deals, but my best find was this tray cart.

Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the price tag sticker! I thought maybe the sticker had fallen off an item that was sitting on it, so I went and asked the price. I was so excited when the previous owner said “$1.50”. That’s right !!! This little beauty was only a $1.50. I quickly paid and headed home with a million color ideas in my head.

One side of the drop-down tray was pretty beat up and had some sharp edges. Because I have small children and I planned on using it in the kitchen, I decided to just take the sides off and use it as a two tray cart. I threw away the beat up one and saved the good shape side for a different project. (stay tuned)

A couple of days later, I got right to work bringing this tray back to life. The first thing I did was take it all apart. It was pretty rusty and some of the nuts and bolts didn’t want to come apart. I enlisted my husband’s help, and he took his drill bit and drilled them out. I also took out the power outlet and cord that was built in. It was so old, I didn’t dare try it out to see if it still worked. Next, I scrubbed down each piece with TSP cleaner, water and then power washed them. If I was to do it again, I would have tried to get more of the rust off with a cleaner or sander. Some rust is already showing through my paint. (lesson learned)

I then put each tray on a bucket that was on top of a crate, which was covered by an old sheet.

reduce reuse recycle

My husband helped me put the handles in a large piece of foam that we had laying around. I needed them to be upright so that I could have a nice even coat of paint on them. I also put painters tape around each wheel so that they wouldn’t get any overspray on them.

After everything was prepped and ready to go, I spray painted several coats of paint to each piece. I let each coat dry before I applied the next and painted both sides of the trays.

For the trays, I used Rust-Oleum Robins Egg and for the handles, I used Rust-Oleum Hammered Antique Pewter. I also went ahead and bought new silver nuts and bolts.

Once everything was dry, I carefully reassembled the cart. I couldn’t be happier with the results!! I love this cart so much.

I put it in my kitchen as part of my media center. My husband, oldest daughter and I charge our phones and smartwatches on the top tray. The bottom tray is used to store and charge our kindles. I had a small wood stand there before, and my kids were always putting their kindles on top of our phones. This works out so nice, and we haven’t had a single issue.


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