On the weekends, I try to keep Dinners quick and easy. We are usually pretty busy with household projects or doing things together as a family, so the last thing on my mind is making a large meal.

These open-faced sandwiches are fast and easy and the ingredients are staples in my house. We always have meat and cheese for lunch sandwiches and if I don’t happen to have a can of biscuits, I can whip up some from scratch. It does take longer, but in a pinch, it works.

They are also nice to have when you have friends over for a playdate. You can serve them something warm and delicious and not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

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Open Face Sandwiches
Prep Time 15-20 minutes
Prep Time 15-20 minutes
  1. Make biscuits as directed on packages.
  2. Once cooked, let the biscuits cool for a couple minutes.
  3. Cut biscuits open and place top part back on the pan you baked them on.
  4. Place 3 slices of meat and a half of a slice of cheese on each biscuit. (there should be a total of 16, each person gets two halves)
  5. Move the oven rack to the very top and place the pan on it. Broil on high until cheese is melted.
  6. Remove and serve immediately.
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