The other day I was showing my sister the new full spectrum hemp oil that I’m using and she was showing me her CBD gummies that she bought at the gas station. (You bought them where dear sister?!?!?!?) I honestly didn’t know what to look for in comparison. I’m still learning all about the hemp oil and CBD market. The only thing I knew for sure is I felt a difference and saw results and she didn’t feel any difference in hers. So, we just did taste testing. She really liked the berry and cinnamon oils I had!

Since then, here is what I found that we can look for in comparison…

*Water soluble
*Temperature stable
*Does not need a carrier oil
*Absorbtion rate
*High levels of THCA are not good!!

You’ve heard of CBD oil, or you’re currently using CBD oil? What have you heard or learned about full spectrum hemp oil? I’ve been learning a lot, I mean a LOT!

What the industry was originally accepting as quality hemp has now been PROVEN otherwise….

People need to know if there is something exponentially more therapeutic and effective out there. Not to mention for the same cost, or cheaper.

Important things to know that you do NOT want in a hemp or CBD oil:

1. Hemp/CBD oil that includes any type of carrier oil (like hemp seed oil or MCT oil) in the ingredient list (a.k.a. Liposomes. I’ll explain below- look for the three stars 👉🏼 ***)

2.Water soluble hemp oils that are formulated using nanoemulsion processes.

3.If it says “store in cool place” or “shake well” (this can indicate instability of molecules and nutrient FALLOUT)

4.CBD isolates- or “pure CBD”- anything that says “THC-free” – (will not be as cannabinoid rich, have terpenes or flavonoids, or provide the “Entourage Effect”)

5.Raw hemp has an absorption rate of less than 6%. Less than SIX!!

6.Third party batch testing or the Certificate of Analysis is not up-to-date. Old documentation is unacceptable- the contents of your bottle should have been tested within the last two months at the very least.

7.High levels of THCA (the raw, acidic form of THC that can actually convert to psychoactive THC in high temperatures!)

Why don’t you want these things in a hemp/CBD oil???

The oil will not be stable above 80 degrees if they are (carrier oil-based) liposomes or use water soluble nanoemulsion techniques. Just think about all the various stages of transport (think UPS truck)

*** Liposomes have been proven in the pharmaceutical industry over the last 15 years to be ineffective because they denature and are unstable at high temperatures.

Most (if not all) hemp oils that are mixed with a carrier oil are using some sort of liposomal technology to attach the molecules together. At the most you will only get a 24% absorption rate when your oil is mixed with a carrier oil (this has been proven- that’s not an estimate).

The hemp oil I take now has an 85% (minimum) absorption rate within 15 min, it is heat stable ( I can get it out of my hot car and it is the same as when it was packed at the factory) and because it is proven to be stable (ie what the label says is what’s in the bottle), I feel confident of the safety of using it for children and pregnant mamas.

Do you want more information about the full specturm hemp oil that I am talking about? Just hit the chat button and talk directly to me !

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